Low Cost Pupitre With LED Lighting Keyboard




Introduction: Low Cost Pupitre With LED Lighting Keyboard

Sometime, I don't want to turn on the table lamp for using computer.
(Don't want to wake up my child)
So, A lighted LED keyboard is good choice but it is really expensive, especially, I had already bought an expensive mechanical keyboard without lighted.
So, I make a simple pupitre for holding LED....

Step 1: Making a Pupitre

I simple use a piece of board and nailed with 4 wooden blocks as "Legs"
the area of the "cut-out" depends on your PC Monitor.

Step 2: Installing the LED

I drill two holes on the edge of the pupitre and hold the LED with nylon cable tie.
Please notice that the cable tie should leave some space which allow the LED for rotation (slightly), in order to adjust the lighting angle.

The LED can withstand 12V but I connected it with 9V battery holder (with on/off switch).
Since I do not need strong lighting for the keyboard, I simply put "used" 9V battery in it for lighting...

You can see that the battery holder is tie around the Leg.

Step 3: Drawer...

Inserting the pupitre to the PC monitor.

I Placed a plastic tray under the pupitre to store some stationary and computer accessory, such as, USB thumb drive.

Step 4: Pen Stand...

BTW, u can apply a clip to the pupitre and it can act as pen stand.
Also, apply small magnet on clip can make it as memo board.

BTW, Do u interested in the pen stand next to my pupitre ?
You can tailor made the "hole size" in order to place your stationary...

Step 5: Working...

Because the room is so dark, I can use < 9V battery for lighting LED and get a satisfactory result.

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