Introduction: Lighthouse Ornament

A tribute the New England, the birthplace of our country.

Step 1: Wireframe Model

The ornament was modeled using Vectoworks. Rather than simply create a tapered hexagon with uniform wall thickness. I created a solid tapered hexagon, then removed a central chamber. This helped keep the body of the lighthouse from glowing when a light source was inserted. I also made the windows in the body of the lighthouse thin enough to be translucent, but thicker than the windows at the top of the lighthouse. This was to ensure the top of the lighthouse with glow brighter than the windows.

Step 2: Completed 3-D Model

After several prints, it became clear that I could not print the ring to hang the ornament from without supports. To solve this problem, I created notches in the roof of the lighthouse to accept a split ring which could be printed flat on the bed.

Step 3: Finished Printed Ornament

This is the finished ornament without a light inside. The hanger ring does snap into place, but two drops of glue help to insure that it does not accidentally come apart. Printed on a Solidoodle 3 at 3mm resolution.

Step 4: .stl File

Here is the final .stl file.

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