Introduction: Lightsabre Umbrella

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For those rainy days when you still need to feel the force.

Step 1: What You'll Need

the list of materials you will need:

  • toy lightsabre
  • small folding umbrella
  • length of threadded bar
  • nuts
  • washers
  • foam mat

Tools you might want to use

  • saw
  • rotary tool with cutting disc
  • drill
  • vice
  • metal file
  • craft knife
  • epoxy 2 part glue

Step 2: Finding the Right Umbrella

got to find a folding umbrella thats thin and light weight

I started with this one with a curved handle, it was shorter and better quality (questionable)

but as you might notice it changes to a slightly longer one by the end of the build

as for some reason the telescoping mechanism decided to break on the first one.

I used Round folding umbrellas but im use that the more square ones would work to

but will fit into the handle differently

Step 3: Cutting

yes this is one of the first steps and theres no going back after youve done it!!!

using a rotatry tool or a regular saw you will need to cut off the handle of the umbrella

and the blade parts from the lightsable.

getting all of the lightsabre blade is not as easy as some is retaind within the handle

but as this is still hidden inside I think its fine to leave it there.

when removing the plastic handle from the umbrella, be carefull not to just cut through

the metal shaft.

Lastly there needs to be a hole in the bottom end of the lightsabre for the threaded bar to come through

Step 4: Threaded Bar

using threaded bar to join the two pieces together

this size is smaller than the internal diameter of the umbrella shaft

I suppose you could use bar that is much closer to the same size

if you are then, the next couple of steps with spacers will not be neccessary.

The length of bar required will vary on what umbrella and lightsabre you buy,

but the internal length will have to be measured while the umbrella is closed.

Step 5: Spacers

ok if your one of those lucky people thats got a fully stocked up workshop then you might have a lathe,

I went for the more hardcore way, and put a bolt in a drill and set it going and used a metal flie to make the spacers.

If youve got threaded bar thats smaller than the internal diameter then you'll need to make spacers to help join the parts together. These m6 nuts were sligtly to large so needed bringing down to size.

Step 6: Fixing

once the spacers are in the right place on the treaded bar, so they fit insde the umbrella, enough to still allow it to close fully.

I used 2 part Araldite glue, but im sure any epoxy will do just fine.

theres 3 spacers to hold the bar in place

and a nut and washers at the right distance to make sure the bar doesnt go to far into the umbrella shaft.

Step 7: Foam Spacers

Unless you want a really wobbly umbrella, you'll need to space out the inside of the lightsabre handle

I used foam from floor mats, its a really popular building material that I've used lots for cosplay things.

tracing out the size needed and roughly cut out with a craft knife,

a quick hole in the middle and make the threaded bar will look like a kebab

becasue they are just going to get stuffed into the handle they dont have to be neat.

Step 8: Cutting

once test fitted into the handle then you'll know how much of the threaded bar youll need to remove

then it can be fitted in place and fixed through the hole in the bottom of the new handle

with a couple of washers and a nut.

Step 9: Finished

then your all done!!!