Introduction: Lily of the Valley Lighting

I made lighting that imaged the shape of the liliy of the valley.

material : MDF2.5

Step 1: Create Data

First of all, we will create lighting data with Rhinoceros.

Extract 4 parts from Rhinoceros and save the data in dwg format.

At the time of storage, set the scale to 1 mm = 1 mm with 2014 polyline and set the magnification to 1:1.

Step 2: Creating Data 2

Open the dwg file with Illustrator and simplify the path.

Copy and paste the shades for the number of shades of the original data and change the arrangement so that space can be used without waste.

Change the line type and color so that you can bring it to a laser processing machine.

Cut line : 0.001mm

Line color : red

Step 3: To Cut

We will cut the data made with the laser processing machine.

Step 4: Cutting

It is cutting.

Cut all parts.

Step 5: Assembling Parts

We will assemble parts cut out with a laser processing machine.

Fix the parts by applying a bond to the joint surface of the part.

Once all assembled, we will install the intermediate switch, plug, socket and bulb in this order, passing the electric cord.

Completion is completed when all is installed.