Introduction: Linear Actuators for Pop Down TV Mechanisms From Your Ceiling

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Linear Actuators for Pop down TV mechanisms from your ceiling

by Firgelli Automations Inc

Linear Actuators can be used for so many different applications, a very popular use for them is to create a Hidden TV mechanism in your Ceiling, In this you-tube example  In this clip there is a TV popping up from a Cabinet, but what if you want to reverse that and drop it from the ceiling instead ?. We have already shown you how to drop one from the ceiling by rotating the TV 90deges, but if you have the ceiling height then you could drop the TV vertically down very easily using a Linear ActuatorFirgelli Automations carries many types of linear actuators that can be used to create these types of lifts depending on the size and weight of your appliance your lifting.  Using our actuators in conjunction with our Remote controls and switches allows our customers to control your application wired or wireless and not have to worry about battery drain as some of these control boxes use AC power which will plug into your regular home outlet and output 12vdc to the actuator or control box.   Many of our customers have used our actuators to create a very inexpensive TV lifts in homes, offices, warehouses, cars, boats virtually anywhere that is required to have linear motion.

In these pictures that were created using Google Sketchup you can see the mechanism designed very easily using a regular FA-400-L-12-24” Linear Actuator and a pair of guide rails used to keep the TV straight when the TV is going up and down. A box has been built to mount the TV inside and the guide rails used at either side to keep it straight. The Actuator just connects to the bottom of the cabinet and pulls up the TV when the actuator is retracting, it’s important to note that when the actuator is retracting the internal limit switch of the actuator will stop the actuator when its closed, but you need to adjust the position of the box such that the bottom is flush with your ceiling when the actuator is closed. We recommend adding the drywall base last and shimming it to get it to be flush, or if you prefer add an external limit switch available from our EL-KIT to stop the actuator when you want it to stop. All you need for this project is 1 actuator, a pair of guide rails, a power supply and remote control system, 2 Brackets for each end of the actuator, all available from us for about $400. Of course if you want a ready to go kit out of the box we do sell a Drop Down TV lift kit available here too

Please feel free to contact us about information and/or question on how to create an appliance lift or ordering a linear actuator for you application.