LinkIt One - Electromagnetic Field Analyzer

Introduction: LinkIt One - Electromagnetic Field Analyzer

In this instructable I'm going to show you how to design an Electromagnetic Field Analyzer, this is a really cool device that can detect the amount of electromagnetic fields emitted by a device. This device can also be used to detect the mains supply. Like my previous instructables, I'm using a LinkIt One board, and if you don't know it already the LinkIt is a really cool board to work with it is similar to an Arduino with a whole lot of shields stacked on each other. And the whole IDE interface is Arduino friendly. And do check out my previous instructables to learn more about the LinkIt One

Step 1: Tools and Components

So lets start with gathering all the components and tools required for
this project. Most of the components come along the linkit one box, like battery and WiFi antenna. So here is what you need -

  • LinkIt One
  • 1M Resistor
  • LED
  • Battery

  • Micro USB cable

  • Breadboard

Step 2: Circuit

The circuit is really simple and can be found above, we will be using a breadboard so no soldering skills are required. The sensitivity of the device depends on the values of the resistance so greater the resistance greater is the sensitivity. On an average about 1-3M Ohm should be a good range. You can also experiment with it and find the range that you prefer.

Step 3: Code

The code can be found in the attachments you can open it on a Arduino IDE. You need an Arduino IDE with Linkit Plug in to upload the code. You can check out my first tutorial on how to do that. Make sure you upload the code to the right port, you can find the your device port on device manager in windows.


Step 4: Finishing

After uploading the code it is now time to test it, you can take the device antenna close to eletrical appliances and see the LED light up when it detects a field. You can also open up a serial monitor on the debugging port and view the values corresponding to the electromagnetic fields around the device and don't for get to experiment with the resistor values to change the sensitivity of the device.

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