Introduction: LinkIt One and Super Caps

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Are you interested in tricking out your LinkIt One? Do you want your Ultimate IoT development board to be all it can be? Then this is the I'ble for you.

Step 1: The Examination

Have you taken a look at your LinkIt One? Did you take a good look? Then I'm sure you noticed the two big white circles on the board. They are just below the audio jack. After i noticed them I decided to do some detective work and here is some information i uncovered.

That is where Super Caps were intended to go (no idea why Mediatek decided not to populate them?)

The Super caps are 3.3v EECEN0F204RK

One of the Super Caps is for the GPS RTC (Real Time Clock), another is for MT2502 RTC. This will allow the RTC to keep running if the battery is connected but the power switch is set to USB.

Step 2: Which and Where

The board is marked with the polarity of the SCs as well as the schematic (HDK) for the board. It would be pretty hard to add them to the board with the polarity reversed. I found a good deal here: 2pcs EECEN0F204RK 0.2F 3.3V Super Cap. GoldCap. Double Layer smd PANASONIC on ebay at:

After you have the installation you might try syncing the onboard RTC with GPS.

I'm sure having the power provided by the SCs can be quite useful in a number of scenarios. Good luck with the upgrade should you decide to take your LinkIt One to the max and should you damage your board in any way please do not hold me responsible. This I'ble is provided as information only and you must make the decision as to upgrading your board.