Introduction: LinkIt One/DHT11

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This tutorial on combining the DHT11 with the LinkIt One is not really much different from hooking the DHT11 sensor to an Arduino except you'll need to include the LinkIt one DHT11 library. The data you'll see in your serial monitor includes the temperature (in both celsius and fahrenheit), humidity, dew point and heat index (what the temp fells like on your skin). I hope it gets your creative juices flowing, I know it has me thinking along the lines of designing of a wireless solar powered weather station that will display the data on a 4 line LCD that is being transmitted from a remotely mounted sensor array outside the Volthaus Electronics Laboratory.

Step 1: Parts

You will need a:

  • LinkIt One (The Ultimate Developers Board for Wearables and Internet of Things!)
  • DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
  • 10k ohm resistor
  • Bread board and jumpers
  • DHT11 sketch and LDHT library

I soldered one lead of the 10k resistor to the 5v pin on the sensor and the other lead to the signal pin. You can skip that step and use the bread board.

Download the LDHT library here

The DHT11.ino sketch here (you can right click on the link and select "Save link as..." to a location on your computer

Step 2: Wire and Upload

Run a jumper from the 5v output on the LinkIt One to the positive rail on your bread board and another from the ground to the negative rail on the bread board. Connect the DHT11 positive pin to the positive rail on the bread board and the ground pin to the negative rail. The jumper coming from the signal (center pin on my DHT11 module) goes to D2 on the LinkIt One. After uploading your sketch to the LinkIt One open the serial monitor to see the readings from the sensor. The way the Arduino IDE is currently working you use one port on the LinkIt one to upload your sketch to and the other port is the one you want to connect to before you open the serial monitor. Check out one of the many "Get Started with the Link It One" tutorials on here.

And if all goes well I should have the plans for that LinkIt One based solar powered wireless weather station on Instructable soon.

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