Introduction: Linkit One Prototyping Workspace

When working on protoboards, link the Linkit One and other controllers, I find myself always referring to cheat sheets to remember which plug is what. This instructable is what I created to give me my cheat sheet built right into my work space.

Everything I used is readily available for only a couple of dollars.

I created two different designs and the jury is still out on which is better, but for the cost, you can make both and figure it out yourself.

Step 1: Parts List

  • Shallow old Work Gang electrical box.
  • single gang electrical box extender.
  • Shrink tubing (optional) .
  • Printed copies of the templates (in the PDF document).
  • Laminator to laminate the templates I made.
  • double sided tape.
  • Prototyping boards (included in enclosed PDF)

Step 2: What Is on the Template?

There are many things that would be useful on template, but I chose the three most useful for me. These are:\

  • Linkit One controller layout
  • Switch descriptions
  • resistor color code definitions.

Using Power Point, I Copied form the Linkit one forum the board layout. I then expanded it to scale For the shallow gang box, I did nothing to it, it fit perfectly. For the shallow gang box, it had sings I had to take into consideration so I copied and pasted the picture as needed so the pin out diagrams would line up with the controller.

Step 3: Assembling the Workspace.

First, laminate the paper. I used a hot laminator, but you could use contact paper as well. If you wanted a bigger workspace with more that what I had printed off, you could cut out many papers and put them in clear contact paper.

Line up the electrical boxes and connect them to the workspace using double sided tape.

Placing the prototype boards on the display:

You may want to connect them as well to the new work space. On my papers, I left space on the right side of the work space for them. I decided not to tape mine down because I may use more than one and may want to move it around.

Step 4: Using the New Workspace

You can set the linkit One on top of the electrical boxes. If you want to and depending on the wiggle of the controller, you ma want to put shrink wrap on the electrical box sides for a more comfortable fit.

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