Linkit One - Beginners Video Tutorial

Introduction: Linkit One - Beginners Video Tutorial

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Come across lot of tutorials for starters can't found a video tutorial so plan to make a video tutorial. Here is the video tutorial for Linkit one starter. With basic blink program at the last. see all the videos.

Step 1: Download SDK and Arduino 1.5.7 IDE

First video is taken using a digital camera so its clarity is very fine. Due to some problem in camera all other videos are taken using my Mobile cam. Due to no camera stand shake found in the video please forgive.

Step 2: Installation of Software in PC

My PC have windows 7. I install in that PC.

Step 3: Basic in Board and Com Port Check Driver

See the basic switches in board and check the com port driver installed correctly.

Step 4: Firmware Update for Board

Before start programming update the latest firmware to the board by use the instructions above.

Step 5: Test Program - Blink

Like Hello world in C, C++ ...etc. Blink is the first project to test the board and communication between board and PC. Lot of example programs also given for each library and basic functions. Go to the Examples in Arduino IDE.

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