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I lived in the Florida Keys as an outdoor educator and windsurfing instructor for  2 years back in my younger years and while I was there my lips got FRIED by the sun.  The only thing that would keep my lips from getting burnt and blistered was constant application of SPF 45 lip balm.  I found it very difficult to keep track of such a small object.  I invented (thats right, I invented it, if you see a product equivalent, the ripped me off!!!), then perfected....THE LIP BALM LANYARD.  

Note: I apologize for the inconsistent direction of the photos, this is my first 'ible and I am still figuring it out.

Step 1: Materials

Things you need for your lip balm lanyard:
-Lip balm or Chapstick with an SPF rating of at least 15 (unless you want it just for the moistening factor). The picture shows a wood dowel, this will serve a my lip balm stand in, I am too cheap and/or lazy to go buy new lip balm.
-about 32 inches of 550 paracord (any thin line will do, I had this lying around)
-one of those cheep carabiners that are not meant to handle any real load (98 cents at Home Depot), or any clip-like thing

-pliers (optional)

Step 2: "Whip" the Paracord on to the Lip Balm

The process being used is basically the same as whipping the ends of a line so that the ends do not unravel. "Anamated Knots By Grog" has a very good description of how this is done..on a line (link here).  below is my application of this using paracord and lip balm.  

First, make a loop with the paracord a little bit smaller than the length of the lip balm.  For the purposes of this 'ible, we will label the two ends of the cord the "short end" and the "long end"

Step 3: "Whipping" Part 2

Wrap the paracord around the lip balm, 5-6 times (with the long end) towards the loop. it does not have to be tight, but it should be snug. Make sure that some of the loop is sticking out the end.

Step 4: "Whipping" Part 3

Slick the long end of the cord in the loop and pull it all the way through. Now grab the short end and pull.  it may be hard, pliers may help. What will happen is the loop on the opposite end of the lip balm, along with the long end of the cord, will be pulled through the wraps.  This will tighten the wraps.  

Step 5: Loop the End

Tie a bowline in the long end to attach to your carabiner.  Here is a link to the "Animated Knots" page with a good animation of how to tie a bowline.

Step 6: Clip and Go!!!

Attach the carabiner, then clip on to a belt loop, and on you go!!!  The whip will only get tighter as you use it (get it wet, etc).  i have been rafting, wake-boarding, snorkeling, and many other sporty things, and it still hangs strong.  Comments form jealous observers range from "that's clever" to "what a geek" (with an eye roll).  To be fair, the latter was from my sister in law... she does not appreciate clever solutions to common problems!

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