Introduction: Little Message Hider/secret Agent Chapstick

Looking for some place to keep a little message for your friend? What about that secret agent job you've always wanted? This simple design is ideal for these kinds of situations and is very inexpensive to make.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

Chapstick, and paper.

I found an almost all used Burt's Bees® Flavor Crystal Lip Balm® worked well with this project. If your lip balm isn't used then proceed to cut off a decent amount of the lip balm until there's about 1/2 of a centimeter to a full centimeter of lip balm left. This allows you to be able to have a larger note stuck into the bottom of the chapstick

Step 2: Breaking It Open

Take the chapstick and hold the top firmly as to only pull off the bottom and not the top part. Pull firmly and it should pop off.

Step 3: Stashing the Note

Place the note in the uncapped bottom of the chapstick. I find this keeps the note from getting stuck in the chapstick tube. Stick the other end of the note into the other side of the chapstick and push the cap on until it is closed completely

Step 4: Completion!

And you're done!! Slip that lid back onto the chapstick and there's no trace of the note hidden inside. If someone decides to open it, all they'll see is a mostly used chapstick! (bonus, the chapstick still works after this process)

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