Little Pictures on Facebook Messages




Introduction: Little Pictures on Facebook Messages

Im going to show you how to make little pictures on your Facebook messages, obviously. Example, a shark or penguin.
Note: will not work in inbox must use in chat box in lower right corner. Given to me by Emily L., Camren J., and (website)
If you know anymore let me know and I will and them and give you credit.

Step 1: Penguin

To make a penguin, you type this wherever you want the penguin. <(") the middle is quotations. 

Step 2: Shark

 For the shark you use (^^^)

Step 3: Shades

 For a smiley face with shades you use 8)

Step 4: Tongue Sticking Out

For tongue out use :P

Step 5: Big Smile

 For a smiley face with a big smile use :D

Step 6: Heart

 To make a heart use <3

Step 7: Surprised

 To make one that is surprised use :O. that is a O not zero

Step 8: Normal Smile

 To make one with a normal smile use :)

Step 9: Crying

 To make one cry use :'(

Step 10: Sad Face

 To make a sad face use :(

Step 11: Wink

 to wink use ;)

Step 12: Pacman

 to make pacman use :v

Step 13: 42

 to make a white 42 in a red box use :42:

Step 14: Chris Putnam

 to make putnam use :putnam:

Step 15: Devil

 for devil use 3:)

Step 16: Angel

 For angel O:) that is an o not zero

Step 17: Robot

 Robot is :|] that is not an l it is the key above enter, use shift

Step 18: Kiss

 for a kiss use :*

Step 19: Curly Lips

 for curly lips use :3

Step 20: Squint

 To make them squint use -_-

Step 21: Stare Down

 to make a stare down use O.o both are o not zeros 
From Zaphod Beeblebrox

Step 22: Thanks

 I got help with these from Emily L. and Camren J. This was my first instructable so please dont rate too badly.

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    9 years ago

    I'm looking for praying hands if anyone can help me out. You gave lots of good ones. Thanks :)


    11 years ago on Step 3

    if you use 8| it makes a different shades picture


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Good job! i always wanted to make the smiley things on facebook.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

     It goes penguin tongue big smile shark shades


    13 years ago on Introduction

    You mean "smilies" or "emoticons".

    If these short text-strings produce real images, you could grab screen-shots to show here.