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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love the idea of gluing the magnets on things to keep the little metal tins together. Maybe since i'm new to this site, I found it hard to follow some of the narrative and pictures and so probably didn't get it all. but i'm going to save it for another day. Re-purposing things and having them handy to use is right up my alley


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I've done some DIY stuff on my blog over at blogspot and found that compared to what I'm used to over there, the images and editing is much more cumbersome.

    Of course I do like to add the story to anything I write so some of the 'scatterbrained-ness' could be attributed to my current stress issues. At any rate, I hope you found the info usable or at least interesting; I know there are many ways to 'bottom-out' products that tend to tip over but personally I hate to glue some chunk of wood or such when a simple stainless disc glued instead on a bed of magnets works wonders and maintains the user/hand shape that each company probably spent 10 grand to research lol! So whichever method is used to secure the goods, magnets are our friends. Again, thanks for reading and a friendly comment is appreciated :)

    I'll keep working on my editing skills so those who do read can follow along!