Introduction: Locked Footrope/diamond Knot Part 2

The footrope/diamond knot is an attractive ending knot for a project. However, it can collapse with handling

This knot uses the under two wall knot to lock itself in place

This knot is similar in appearance to the locked footrope using the over two crown knot

Step 1:

Make a crown knot. Each strand goes over the adjacent strand to the right

Step 2:

Bring the first strand under TWO strands

Step 3:

Bring the second strand under TWO

Step 4:

Bring the third strand under one and under and up through the bight from the first strand

Step 5:

Bring the fourth strand under and up through the bights made by the first two strands

Step 6:

Tighten slightly. Now bring each end under the strand immediately above it to go through the center of the first crown knot

Step 7:

First end

Step 8:

Second end

Step 9:

Third end

Step 10:

Fourth end

Step 11:

Tighten and trim ends

Step 12:

If you combine the over two crown knot

and the under two wall knot you will get a knot that when pulled tight is VERY difficult to untie