Log Tea Candle Holder

Introduction: Log Tea Candle Holder

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This is a great way to hold those small teal candles. You can buy packs of these for not a lot of money. Making a holder them is a great way to have cheap candle while still looking nice. Yes it is made out of wood but sense the tea candle is in a metal case you can burn it in one of these. All this is a log of a tree that has been modified. I found mine on the side of the road. I had these left over from a pen holder i made out of the same log. Once you have your log all you have to due is some cutting, sanding and drilling and you got your self a cool looking candle holder. These are great for gifts, a cabin, or any room. When finding your log look for one that doesn't have any knots in it, this will make drilling the hole a lot easier.

Use a 1 1/2 inch bit

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

hand saw works best

finishing sander


drill bit 1 1/2 inch

Tree log 3 inch wide or so

tea light candle


Step 2: Cutting

Start by cutting log, Hopefully you got a straight log. I used a hand saw to cut mine. Make sure you cut a straight line so it sits flat on your surface. Also you want to cut your other end flat so that the candle sit in the log flat. The height of your candle is up to you. I wouldn't make it to tall. I found six inches is a good height, but making different heights looks cool. The hand saw goes threw the log pretty easy. You can make a line to cut on if you wish. I took the bark off my log.

Step 3: Driling

When i cut out the hole for the tea cup I used a 1 1/2 inch drill bit. I had a knot going threw the center of the log so this made it harder to drill the hole. Line up your drill so that whole will be drilled in the center of your log. The tea candles are about 1/2 inch thats how far I drilled down. I have it so that the tea candle just sticks about the top of the log. Drill slowly so you don't split your log.

Step 4: Sanding

I found sanding the log gives it a nice look. You don't have to depending on your log or if you have bark on it. Make sure to sand the top and bottom also. I hand sanded out the hole that I cut out. I used 150 grit sand paper to sand mine.

Step 5: Add/light Candle

After you have it sanded all you have left to do is add the candle and light it. Be safe a don't leave burning candles without watching them. Great for christmas and candle loves.

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    Akin Yildiz
    Akin Yildiz

    8 years ago on Introduction

    very nice, you should make a few different heights and put them next to each other shorter to taller..!! i like it a lot, thanks.