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Introduction: Log Pencil Holder

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I made this project for free only needed a hand saw, drill and drill bit, and optional finishing sander. It did take a bit to find a good log to use to cut up. Go for a walk and look in the woods. A hand saw can cut threw the log pretty quick. Im not sure what kind of wood it is. I added stain to a few to see what it would look like. If you wanna put markers in it use bigger drill bits.

what i used to drill holes

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

hand saw


drill bit

finishing sander

sand paper


paint brush if staining

Step 2: Cut Log and Drill

After you find a log the size that you like, take your handsaw and start cutting. Cut into 5 inch pieces using your handsaw. You can mark your cut to make sure you have a straight line to make a straight cut. After you have them cut, take your drill and 3/8 inch bit and start drilling holes for the pens. Leave a little space in between drill holes. Drill straight down about 2 inches (give or take).

Step 3: Finishing

After you cut and drilled your log you can start finishing it up. I tried to keep the bark on log but came off when cutting. I thought about gluing on the bark but thought it looked good with out the bark I took my finishing sander and went around the logs i cut. It gives it a good look. Make sure sand evenly and get all of it. Also sand the top and bottom of the pen holder. I added a stain to a few of them. I think they look good with or without the stain.

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