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Introduction: Logo Critique: My Personal Logo

About: I am curently in high school and I am wanting to go to college for Graphic Design. I am well rounded in illustrator, indesin; photoshop. for hobbies, i play the mellophone/ french horn/ & trumpet, i draw, i wr…

Give your opinion on the one you Like/Dislike and state why. 

Before proceeding through the steps, come up with a reason why you do/dont like it. From there, go to the next step to see my reasoning behind it.

 1) Reasoning
 2) Left Logo
 3) Right Logo
 4) Thank You / For the future 

Step 1: Reasoning

Details: When creating this logo I wanted to make something using my initials "NM". I wanted it to be more than the two being smashed together (See link 1). After coming up with 20 thumbnails and a few revisions this was the one that stuck out to me. I aimed for a modern look and wanted the NM to be hidden. So someone wouldnt pick it up at first glance.

Link 1: https://www.google.com/search?q=NM+logo+design&oq=NM&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j69i59j0l4.2272j0j7&sourceid=chrome&espv=210&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8

Step 2: Left Logo

White is the movement/ what defines what kind of letter is going to be made. you can see the center blue rhombus as a stopping point to go down to make a N or up to make a M. With the top right White rhombus I could make that blue to give it that decision feel.

Step 3: Right Logo

Someone suggested to make everything all white except the center rhombus to give it more that abstract feeling and told me I didnt have to show that direction with what I was trying to do with the left logo.

Step 4: Thank You

Thank you for stopping by and putting you input in. After I read through the comments im going to go into the logo I want to use and will add highlights/shadows.

I plan on creating some step by step tutorials on how to create your own logo and go over some basic concepts of design and what software to use.

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    Tex Arcana

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    no pics


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    Did you try refreshing the page?