Long Two BIght TH Knot



Introduction: Long Two BIght TH Knot

The two bight TH knot makes a easy to grasp lanyard.

You need a thin mandrel (base) to tie this knot. A length of coat hanger wire is ideal. A pencil is too big.

This lanyard can be made longer by adding additional turns around the base in step one.

The lanyard on the cover of the instructable was made with four initial turns.

NOTE: I used ABOK 783, the two strand footrope knot to finish off the knot. You can use this or any other two strand stopper knot of your choice

Step 1:

Wrap the working end (WE) of your cord around the mandrel the desired number of times. I am showing three to keep things simple.

Step 2:

Bring the WE over all these turns.

Step 3:

Bring WE to front.

Step 4:

Wrap the WE between the turns made in step one.

Step 5:

In the next step you will weave the WE to the left going under the marked bights - the original turns from step one.

Step 6:

Pull WE through. The knot is complete.

Step 7:

Gradually tighten the knot while it is still ON the mandrel..

NOTE: If you remove the knot from the mandrel too soon it becomes a limp mess that is very difficult to deal with.

Step 8:

When the knot is sufficiently tight remove it from the mandrel..

Step 9: Finishing Off the Knot, ABOK 783 (Footrope Knot)

Tie an overhand knot.

Step 10:

Bring left hand end over.

Step 11:

Bring the other end over this strand, under two and up through the bight.

Step 12:

In the next two steps

Left hand strand goes through bight a.

Right hand strand goes through bight b.

Step 13:

Left hand strand through bight.

Step 14:

Right hand strand through bight.

Step 15:

The foootrope knot is is complete.

Step 16:

Tighten the footrope knot against the 2 strand TH knot.

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