Introduction: Loom Band Snake (bag Accessory/bracelet)

So today I'm going to teach you how to make this super cute, super easy, and super cool loom band snake accessory, which also doubles as an awesome bracelet!

I hope the instructions are all clear, and if not, please leave a comment down below and I will edit that bit!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

A loom - move the middle set of pins so that they are facing the other way round

A C or S clip if you want it as a bracelet

A hook


47 red

23 orange

15 pink

3 black, or, 2 black and 1 red (if you want a red tongue)

Remember you can always experiment with your own colours!

Step 2: Tail

Place a chain (double chain - use 2 bands for each 'link') using almost 2 rows of pins (remember the middle row is backwards to make it easier). Start from the middle row of pins , the first pin, then place the bands repeating this pattern. 1 pink, 2 orange, 3 red. When you reach the end of that row of pins, just continue the pattern but going down the row of pins on the right. Don't put an extra link on the last pin on the right row. It should look like picture 2 now.

Place a 'cap band', a red loom band, made up of 2-4 wraps on the last pin that we used.

Now loop the bands using your hook 1 pair after another, taking care to pick up both bands at the same time. Now pull of the whole chain of bands and put the loose end (pink bands) onto a pencil - ready for later.

Step 3: Preparing the Eyes (to Put in the Cauldron)

1. Put 1 black band, wrapped 4 times, on any pin on your loom. Then put 2 red bands on top of it, stretched between 2 pins. Picture 1.

2. Now, using your hook, slide the black band onto the red bands. It should look like picture 3 now.

3. Make 2 of these eyes and set them aside, on 2 pins out of the way or on some pencils.

Step 4: Making the Head (with Added Tail)

Switch the middle row of pins the right way round

Personally, I think the head is the hardest part, because of the order you have to put the bands down.

1. Place the loom so that the middle row of pins is sticking out towards you and the pins each look like u's, not n's.

2. Now on the pin nearest to you , middle row, place one black band. Then place 2 red bands (we are still doing the double chain) going diagonally to the left from that pin. Do the same again but the bands goes to the right.

3. Now we work on the left row of pins. Place the red bands with one of the eyes on onto the second pin up from the left to the 3rd pin. Continue making a chain, in this order of bands: pink orange red. Then place down another 2 red bands (always doing double chain for the whole head) going diagonally forward to the middle row of pins. Picture 1.

4. Repeat #3 on the right row of pins, mirroring what you just did.

5. Now on the middle row of pins, continuing from the black band, place bands down like this (double chain): red, pink, orange, red, red. All the rows of bands should meet up there.

6. Now turn the loom around. Where all the red bands meet up, place the start of the tail (pink bands) on top. Now, using picture 2 as a reference, place 3 band in triangles on the loom according to the colour underneath them.

7. Now, in the order you placed the bands, loop them using your hook. Then pull up the black band through all the other bands and take the other side of the band off the pin. Slip the underneath side of the band through the top band and pull the band you just pulled through tight. Now take the whole snake off the loom!

Step 5: Ta Daaaaaaa

Now you have an awesome snake made from loom bands! For some reason I had some orange bands left over, but maybe I just counted wrong at the start.

To make your little friend into a bracelet, just attach a C or S clip onto the tongue and the tip of the tail.

Hope you liked this 'ible! Please comment, and leave feedback or pictures of when you make a snake (if you do). Any questions or ideas are welcome! Also, If you want me to make a tutorial on how to make a little tortoise charm or fish charms, then just say! Thank you!