Loomless Butterfly Charm

Introduction: Loomless Butterfly Charm

This is basically what your butterfly will look like when you're done. This project is a level one once the difficulty scale from 1-10. VERY easy!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need16 bands all together. I recommend four of one color, four of another, four of a third color, and four for the body. And if course, a looming hook... I recommend a metal hook. The plastic hook that came with my kit already snapped in half. You can get a metal hook at Walmart for a few dollars in the crochet/knitting isle. Just ask someone that works in that section.

Step 2: Cap and Threading

Take one of the colors (4) and they will be the ones you'll cap. (pic 1) (I'm using multicolored bands for my capped bands)Thread two colors through the cap. (pic 3)Do this three more times so you'll have four on your hook. (pic 4)

Step 3: Cap and Threading (part 2)

Make a cap or of a black band (or obese of the band's you have three of)(pic 1)Now thread one black band through the black cap and lock it. (pic 2)Now thread the black cap&locked band through the four wings you make earlier. They should still be on your hook.(pic 4)Now lock it so that the wings will stay in place. (pic 5)Your project should look like picture mine. (pic 6)now take another band and thread it through the black cap at the top of the butterfly and lock it. (pic 7)The last black band, wrap it around the butterflie's body twice and you're done.

Step 4: You're Finished!!

I hope my instructions were easy to follow. These are very easy to make. My next instructable will be a bunch of these butterflies to make earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. Please post a picture of your butterfly! I'd love to see the colors you chose. Please heart and follow me, I'm coming out with new ideas all the time. Thank you everyone.

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