Introduction: Lord Garmeddon Costume (child)

My son wanted to wear a Lord Garmeddon costume from Legos Ninjago a few years ago, so I made one for him.

To make it you will need:


  • Black, long-sleeve t-shirt (I used a Youth Small)
  • Black tights (can be old, since you will cut these up)
  • Silver duct tape
  • White craft foam sheets (2)
  • Black hat (ball cap or knit cap)
  • 3 paper towel cardboard rolls
  • Waxes paper
  • Clear plastic thread or fishing line
  • Needle and black thread

Step 1: To Make the Hat

  1. Using the pattern below, cut out 3 of the bone shapes from the white craft foam.
  2. Stack these on top of each other and staple to the front of the black hat.

Step 2: To Make the Shirt With Extra Arms

  1. Put several length of the silver duct tape onto a sheet of waxed paper.
  2. Trace the other shapes from the pattern onto the silver duct tape, and cut them out. Don’t worry if the pen/pencil doesn’t write well on the tape, as long as you can see the outline well enough to cut it out.
  3. Lay out the t-shirt front side up on a flat surface. Arrange the silver duct tape pieces as shown in the picture to look like a rib cage. Peel off the waxed paper and attach them.
  4. With one of the paper towel rolls, cut off 2 2.5” pieces.
  5. Cut each 2.5” cylinder lengthwise (to form 2 U-shaped pieces for the Legos-type hands).
  6. Put the U-shaped pieces in the end of each leg of the tights to form the Legos hands. You may want to staple the tights into the inside of the U.
  7. Put the other 2 paper towel rolls into the legs of the tights to form the extra 2 arms of Lord Garmeddon.
  8. Cut off the legs of the tights 1-2” beyond where the paper towel rolls are.
  9. Sew the ends of the tight legs to the t-shirt about 4” below the shirt’s arms.
  10. Tie a short piece of black thread on the of the Legos hands on the outside of the tights to make the hands more distinct.
  11. With the clear thread or fishing line, connect the fake arms to the t-shirt’s arms so that they will move together.

Step 3: Wear the T-shirt and Hat With Some Black Pants and You Are Set!