Introduction: Lost Drone Alarm

Yes, my proto looks ugly. But it works!


  1. Voltage indicator: know your Lipo status by counting the number of LED bursts. Simple telemetry ;-)
    1 LED flash = full battery / 4 LED flashes = almost empty
  2. Low voltage alarm:if you hear the beeps it is time to land.
  3. at take off, a 20 minute timer is started automatically (voltage drop). If your plane crashes, it will start beeping after that time, with increasing intensity

Componants cost about 10 euro:

  • 1x Arduino Nano
  • 2x beeper (taken from HK voltage alarm, they are loud)
  • 2x NPN transistor, i.e. BC338 or BC548
  • 1x high power LED
  • 1x voltage regulator 5V, ie. L7805

Update 2015-11-25: >>>> VERSION 2 <<<