Introduction: Lotion Bars

As promised per my Whipped Body Butter Instructable, here is my Lotion Bar recipe!

I have seen many versions of lotions bars popping up at local farmers markets all over Austin this last 2 years or so. I fell in love with these from my home town in Utah, and ordered them for years. So, naturally, when I became a DIYer, lotion bars were one of the first things I wanted to do myself. Saves me money and allows me to use the aromatherapy that I prefer. So, if you use these all the time, like I do. Why not try your hand at making them yourself? :-D

Most of my ingredients are purchased from Bulk Apothecary

The olive oil, I pick up at local stores, or Amazon

The aromatherapy is the Lotus Touch brand from Massage Warehouse


16 oz Coconut Oil (92º Melting Point)

16 oz Mango Butter

16 oz Olive Oil

16 0z Beeswax

Aromatherapy - 20-30 ml


Large Pan for Boiling Water

Large Bowl to create Double Boiler

Food Scale

Measuring Bowl with spout for pouring

Plastic Spoon


Containers to hold Finished Bars

Step 1: Combining/Melting Ingredients

I have starting making lotion bars and Body Butter pretty regularly, and creating a recipe for ease and consistency was so much easier after picking up all the ingredients in bulk and using a food scale to measure it all out. I highly recommend for anyone using any type of bulk ingredient.

1-)Create a double boiler with the large pan and metal bowl. I Set my heat to medium/high to get a good boil

2-)Using a food scale for consistent measuring, I weigh out and combine the Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Olive Oil, and Beeswax, and add them all into the metal bowl.

3-)You have to be a bit patient with melting them down, it takes a bit for the beeswax to get all the way melted, but it'll get there. Be sure to stir once it awhile, it'll help melt it down and mix.

4-)While everything is melting, prep your molds. Make sure they are in a place that you can leave them be and not move them while allowing them to cool completely.

5-) Once the ingredients are melted completely, it's time to add your aromatherapy. Every time I use beeswax, I feel like I have to use more essential oil to be scented enough for me. you'll have to play with this until you figure out how scented you want yours. It can also depend on the type of oil, and some are stronger than others, and can get overwhelming. Today I used 2-10ml bottles, and I mixed 2 scents. Bergamot and Rose Absolute. (1-10 ml bottle each). It turned out to be a light fragrance, but very pleasant for me.

Time to pour!

Step 2: Pour Into Molds

As soon as you are ready, remove the melted mixture from the heat and move straight into pouring. I transfer my mixture from the metal bowl into a measuring bowl with a pour spout. It's a lot cleaner and easier. You'll notice that as soon as the liquid is poured, it starts to cool and turn white pretty quick, hence why you want to be ready with your molds once you remove from the heat.

Once poured, don't move your molds. Allow them to stay put for 1-2 hours so they can harden fully before removing them.

If you put the molds on a cookie sheet, you can carefully put them into the fridge or freezer to expedite the process, but I'm a pretty patient person, and have no problem leaving them on the counter while I clean up my mess. :)

Step 3: Remove From Molds and Put Into Containers

After about 90 minutes, I checked my molds. The little ones were ready sooner, but I waited until the flowers were not warm to the touch and seemed pretty white and set. I use silicon molds, which make removal very easy.


So, in the past I have used ziplock bags, saran wrap, wax paper, all sorts of things to package and give these away. However, when I use them, I NEED a reusable container to place in my purse, or by my bed, or wherever. So, I researched until I found what I wanted...The perfect 4 oz white jars with lids. I found them at Midwest Bottles

They fit these flowers and other round designs so nice, I love using them. ALSO, you can pour directly into these specific containers (no inner ridge) to create the whack and remove type lotion bar.

The little lotion bars created with the small molds, I usually use for free samples, or quick lotion grab and go items. I usually store these in a Tupperware container, or give them way in ziplock bags. Easy peasy.

So, there you go! Pretty quick Lotion Bars to create and use or give away. I like to massage with them in sessions and give the remaining to my clients! :) If you have ANY feedback, tips, tricks or suggestions, please comment or add your own pictures! I love to see what others have done!

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