Love Bug Ear-rings

Introduction: Love Bug Ear-rings

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These cutesies are perfect to show love and are cute to wear for valentines! :*

Step 1: What You Need

You will need...

2 ear-ring blanks(studs are better)

4 google eyes

4 s clips or wire to make your own

Hot glue

Red nail-varnish

2 small red pom poms(I had to use orange)

Step 2: The Wings

Put the s clips on to a wooden BBQ stick, paint the clip red and leave t dry in a stable place i.e toilet roll.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Stick the eyes on to the pom poms and then the wings on at an angle.

Step 4: Finishing Off...

Once every thing is dry you can stick you love bugs to the ear-ring blanks with a bit of hot glue.

Step 5: Finished!!!

We are now finished I hope they send love to those around you and to you!

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