Introduction: "Love to Read"Earrings

I love reading; it is a passion of mine. So, to celebrate my love for books, literature, and reading , I made "Love To Read" Earrings.

Step 1: Supplies

So, the supplies you will need are:
•Old/unwanted book
•Thick paper
•Dangling Earring backs, found at craft stores
•Jewelry pliers, also at craft stores

Step 2: Earring Shape

So, first you have to choose what shape you want your earrings to be. I made mine shaped like a book, but feel free to do whatever you want!
Now, trace that shape, lightly, on a page from your book. Then cut out the shape, trace it on the thick paper, and cut out the shape from the thick paper as well.

Step 3: Constructing Your Earring

Ok, now, glue the shape from the book page on top of the thick paper shape. This makes the dangle firm, because we don't want it to get torn.

Step 4: Make the Earrings

Ok, now this part is a bit tricky. It came a bit naturally to me since I make a lot of jewelry, but don't be worried I you're not practiced with this, it's not too complicated.
Take the earring dangle, it should look like the one in the pictures. With your pliers, twist it so that it is open for you to slide the shape on. Now, before you put the shape on there, poke a hole in it with a pin. Close up the dangle with the pliers and... You should be done!

Step 5: Look AWESOME!!!

Now, put on your earrings and look awesome!!! It's also fun to use a classic book for your earrings, like "Anne of Green Gables" or "Pride and Prejudice" but it's completely fine to use an ordinary book. I myself did not use a classic, I just used one of my books that I never read anymore.

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