Introduction: Lovely Plant Pot

I got one of Pedilanthus branches. I looked around to make this friend's house, and I decided to use a model that was a coloring toy before I tried to make it a mood light.

This character is "Tin Robot" that comes from an animation called Taekwon V that was made in Korea in the past. It features a kettle on his head.

The process of creating characters is described in detail on this page : Click Here

Step 1: Modeling

I modeled this character using 3ds max. Compared with the original character, I emphasized cuteness. I made the inside open.

Step 2: Printing

I printed the robot using a 3D printer. To minimize the supporter, I printed it upside down. The output took less than 20 hours, and I removed the outer and inner supporters. I pulled it upside down and there were not many supporters on the outside. If you look at it with the cup, you'll know the approximate size.

Step 3: Coloring

Originally, I tried to use LED or neo pixel on the inside to use it as a mood light, but I decide to paint it, cause I thought it would be better with color. When I painted, I put a light on the inside and it became a little difficult to use as a mood light. When the light is turned on, the rough texture of the surface is revealed. So I was using it as an interior accessory.

Step 4: Planting

In the structure where the water comes out from two holes in the character's leg, I put a kitchen towel so that the soil would not leak, and put the soil inside little by little. I covered the end of the plant with soil. It was very cute because I passed the plant through the hole in the nose. hihi. At first I tried to put it as a joke, but it was good.

I hope the plants grow up well.