Introduction: Low Cost Bedside Lamp

Two main motives for this project

  1. Bedside lamp for reading before sleeping
  2. Attaching a socket timer to wake me up in the morning

P/s: this is a quick instructable, so I'm using just enough supplies I can get my hands on to make this. Will be improved from time to time.


  1. A bulb
  2. Bulb socket
  3. Wire
  4. Plug
  5. A bottle

Step 1: Make a Hole

Make a hole at the bottom of the bottle for socket wire to go through.

Step 2: Make Another Two Holes

Make another two holes both sides for the bulb socket (foundation) to hold on to.

In this case, I'm using two nails about the same size as the bulb socket's hole size to keep it sturdy.

Step 3: Install It

Put it beside your bed.

My bed has a pillar at the side, so I'm putting the bottle on top of it.


Step 4: TODO

  1. Better foundation (preferably with two axes)
  2. Brighter bulb
  3. Socket timer