Introduction: Lucille & Negan Cosplay

Hey guys!

This is my First Instructable, i hope it goes okay and you like it!

So This is a tutorial for Lucille, better known as the weapon of choice to the villain Negan from The Walking Dead comics and now the show. (Warning: I'm really obsessed with Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

It will also be a short tutorial to the cosplay.

Its very cheap and easy to make both!

The bat isn't actually a real baseball bat because you can't take A real bat into most conventions as it could be used as a weapon but if you want it just for display feel free to use a real one!

But this Tutorial is how to make a realistic looking, fake Lucille.

Enjoy crafting!

Step 1: The Bat

This is my Lucille and she is awesome! She's made out of a toy baseball bat that I painted to look brown.

You will need:

  • Sandpaper (Fine-grit)
  • Brown Spray Paint (or) Brown Paint (To preference)
  • A darker shade of paint for details.
  • A thin paint brush
  • Gesso (Optional)

The bat has to be plastic, foam or something similar as most conventions will not let you take in a real baseball bat as they are seen as weapons.

For this project I chose four different colors of brown acrylic. I chose a dark brown, honey brown, medium brown and light brown.

Even if the plastic piece already looks somewhat like wood -- as far as its color is concerned -- a thorough yet gentle sanding makes it more receptive to a faux-wood treatment.

Sand the plastic in the same direction as you work, rather than in circles or random directions; this way any scratches you create lend to a wood-grain look.

To start….I painted the darkest brown any place that would have natural shadows. That was hard to do on a curved bat so feel free to skip this step.

You'll then need to get the Lighter brown spray paint or your regular paint (Acrylic would work best) and spray/ paint the entire bat. If the plastic bat has a dark base colour then you might want to prime it first with gesso.

I love Gesso, i think its a wonderful primer and use it on almost all of my cosplays.

Let dry.

For the next layer I lightly brushed the honey brown.
Adding a honey color is so important because it warms up your piece and really creates the illusion of wood.

Let dry.

Brush your layer of medium brown lightly over the entire piece. You want to let the other two colors show through and not cover up completely what you’ve already painted. Less is more.

Let Dry.

Now you want to come in with your lightest brown and lightly brush over entire piece to create highlights.
You may also want to add some other colors of brown here and there as needed to make sure all the colors are blended.

Let it dry and then seal with a water based protective finish.

Step 2: Barbed Wire

This step is the easiest by far.

You will need:

  • String, roughly 2.5 times more string than you want barbed wire.
  • PVA glue
  • Grey Paint, I used grey spray paint
  • Brown paint (Optional)

The barbed wire is a long piece of thick string, doubled over then smaller pieces of string.

Make up a pot of glue. I dilute mine down 1:1 with water, which means it dries softer and is easier to work with.

Take a length of string roughly twice as long as you want the wire to be. This string will have a natural twist from it's own construction but you will need to twist it more to make it look real.

I then spray painted it silver and a little brown to make it look realistic Before covering it in pva glue to make it seal.

Each barb starts life as a length of string about 10cm long. Dunk this string in the glue and coat it thoroughly. Then wrap it around the wire section you prepared earlier. Do this randomly around the fake wire to preference.

Then finish by spray painting it again and letting it dry.

Step 3: Finish & Additional

Finally the finish!

You will need:

  • Clear varnish
  • A hot glue gun

Seal the paint on the bat with clear varnish then simply hot glue the barbed wire down wrapped around to your preference.


You may want to cover it in fake blood to give it the used effect.

Step 4: Negan Cosplay

This was me at walker stalker London 2016. (Excuse my face)

The Negan cosplay was actually really simple, because Negan was not introduced in the show at the point of me going I based my cosplay off the comics.

That consisted of:

  • A bloody white vest (With splattered blood for effect)
  • A leather jacket
  • Black skinny jeans, but it was also hot so i changed into waist high shorts and ripped stockings
  • Some brown boots
  • Lucille
  • And a flower crown because I wanted to be cute ?

You should now have a great cheap cosplay!

Thank you for reading <3