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Introduction: "Lucille" Prop = Dog Chew Toy

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Our beloved canine companions can assist our defenses against the WALKING DEAD, and clean their own teeth, too!! Make a simple fabric "baseball bat" , pack it with old socks/ fabric scraps/ cardboard/ etc, sew it closed, then create a wrap in (safe to chew) "barb wire". Be safe & have a happy guard dog!!

By the way, thanks for viewing my first Instructable!!

Step 1: Gather: Scissors, Sew Machine, "wrap", Fabric, Cardboard/ Stuffing

I chose waxed thread for the "barb wire" wrap (texture like dental floss). May use shoelaces, yarn, twine, ribbon, etc. (Just not what you fear your dog may bite off and swallow!)

Cut fabric (2 layers) into "bat" shape, cut cardboard (smaller) to fill once made. (Create size to your choice.)

Stitch 2 "bat" layers together, leave end open.

Turn right side out.

Step 2: Fill "bat" With Cardboard & Close.

May also fill "bat" with crumpled paper, old socks, catnip (my dogs love it), etc.

Secure Closed.

Step 3: For "wrap", Tie Bows, Snip Bow Loops = "barb Wire"

Tie bows for each "barb", then tie each bow a 2nd time to secure. Maybe make a "barb" every 6 inches, or your choice.

Snip center of each bow loop to create your "barbs".

Step 4: Wrap "barb Wire" Around the Bat & Secure in Place. Let's Be Safe!!

Just wrap "barb wire" around your bat, may hand stitch wire in place.

Great Halloween Decor & gift for the family guard dog!!

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    Thanks!! Halloween is a great family holiday!!