Introduction: Lucky Four Leaf Clover ( With Ferrero Küsschen )

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Today I show you how to make a lucky four leaf clover.....with Ferrero Küsschen. ( It also works with other chocolates/pralines. I've just taken it, just to demonstrate....

All you need is green paper....and 4 pralines ( Ferrero Küsschen for example)....

The Story:

Giving a four-leaf clover is always a thoughtful gesture. But sometimes it’s just the perfect gift. Any time a friend is about to try something new or make a life-changing decision, a four-leaf clover could be just the help it takes to make it through the day.

•Baby Showers
•Job Interviews
•Marriage Proposals
•Engagement Parties
•Retirement Parties
•Boat Launches
•Housewarming Parties
•First Day of School
•Celebrate a New Job
•Competitive Events (Track Meet, Spelling Bee, etc.)
•Court Decisions
•New Business Launch

The Youtube Tutorial: Lucky Four Leaf Clover ( with Ferrero Küsschen )

Since four-leaf clover leaves (or sour clover) is very rare in nature are (mutations), it takes a lot of luck to find such a cloverleaf. Here, it is supposed to know that the shamrock was found by chance and is not cultivated. (Cultured Shamrocks contrast to again attract the bad luck.) Carried on traveling the shamrock protects the traveler, and sewn to it in the clothes a, he is supposed to protect from evil.

The legend this is as follows: The biblical figure Eva took a four leaf clover as a souvenir from the paradise. So it is said that the owner of a four-leaf clover has a piece of paradise.

Most will but lack Finder happiness with the lucky symbol as such - given satisfactory (especially for children) or a correspondingly shaped pendant - on cardboard, paper or virtual (eg website). Owning a genuine, naturally grown clover or know today the least, except as breeding by the gardener.

Happy New Year 2016.....and GOOD LUCK :-)

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