Introduction: Luminous Morning Glory Chandelier

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I've loved these beautiful flower lanterns ever since I first saw them. So elegant, so fun, so reminiscent of nature. The originals were pricey, something I would have never allowed myself. The image has stuck with me over time, in that part of my brain that works out all the little details, waiting for my hands to take over. Who would have thought that paper cupcake liners would be my answer? Not just for baking anymore! My version is reminiscent of morning glories. Here’s how I did it!


You will need:
White paper lantern--mine was 10",
but you can use any size
White standard size paper cupcake
liners--I used 110. Size of the
lantern and flower spacing will
determine the number used
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Pencil with a small spool glued to the pointy end
A shot glass
A take-out chopstick
Battery powered LED fairy lights

Step 1: Form the Flower Buds

Place a cupcake liner upside down on the shot glass. Center the spool on the liner and, while gently holding the liner in place, press it down into the glass. Remove it from the glass, but leave it on the spool. Make sure it's centered, adjust the folds if needed, and press it to form around the spool. It doesn't have to be perfect. This is the throat of the flower. Run a line of hot glue around the outside, about 1/4-1/2" up from the base. Let it cool a little, then remove it from the spool and set it aside while you make some more. I made 25 at a time, proceeded through all the steps, glued them to the lantern, and then repeated the process. It sounds a bit daunting, but once you make a few it moves right along. I make them while watching a movie.

Step 2: Shape the Flowers

Take a bud and open up the center, pressing the folds against the edge of the throat formed by the glue. Keep the definition of the pleats of the liner. Using the chopstick, roll and slightly smooth the edge of the flower inward. Make it natural, not consistent looking. This helps soften the edge. Give the flower a natural, cupped shape. Repeat this with all the buds.

Step 3: Light the Lantern

Take the frame out of the lantern so you can wrap it with the fairy lights. Starting with the battery end of the strand, wrap the wire three times around the center of the top of the frame so that it's secure. The battery pack will hang down loose for now. Make sure the first light isn't too close to the top or it will shine outside of the lantern. The next part will be easier if you loosely wind the light strand and secure it with the end of the wire. Unwind it as you work. Start LOOSELY wrapping the lights around the frame by wrapping one full turn around one of the side wires, passing the strand through the center, then one full turn around the other wire. Keep working loosely back and forth in this manner, always wrapping a full turn and always passing through the center until you've used all the lights. Secure the end of the wire with several wraps. Wrap up the wires that go to the battery pack and tape them so that they are more secure and shorter in length. You want to be able to reach the switch on the battery pack easily when it's inside the lantern. Use a piece of tape to tape them to the pack as well. You'll have to remove that piece of tape when you change the batteries, but that's no big deal. Put the pack in between the wires crisscrossing the frame. Put the frame back in the lantern.

Step 4: Make the Lantern Bloom

Set the lantern, top end up, in a bowl for stability. Take one of the flowers and put it back on the spool. This works great for holding and placing the flower securely during the gluing process. Put some hot glue on the bottom of the flower and place it on the lantern about 1/2" down from the opening. Hold it in place until the glue cools a little, then carefully remove the spool. Place the flowers equally spaced around the top. They should touch but not be crowded. Continue gluing flowers, staggering them and working towards an uncrowded, natural look that pleases you. You will see glimpses of the lantern underneath. When you get about 2/3 of the way down the lantern, flip it over gently in the bowl so you can finish gluing the bottom, working towards the opening. Fluff the flowers when the glue is thoroughly dry to get the look you want. Hang it in a place where it can be enjoyed by all!

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