Introduction: Lumos Light Switch Supplies

Nothing makes you feel more magical then using the right spell AND to have it actually work! So come join me and make this super easy lightswitch.


Unfinished Wood Light Switch Cover

Stain (we love this dark walnut stain)

Spray Sealant or Polyuthurane

Acrylic Craft Paint Stencil

Material and exacto knife Or vinyl or contact paper (if using a cutting machine, which isn't necessary but really nice) Lumos Font

Step 1: How to Make a Harry Potter Light Switch

1. First stain your wood cover and let it dry according to directions. (Cutting machine users, if using vinyl words instead of painting the words on, spray your sealant FIRST)

2. Prepare your stencil. If you are doing it by hand, print out your lumos font so that the measurements match up with light switch. Trace it onto stencil material and cut out with exacto knife. After the stain has dried, use the stencil to paint the lumos and nox on. Let dry.

*If using a cutting machine, simply cut out lumos and nox with vinyl or contact paper. You can choose to just use the vinyl letters or you can use the vinyl to make a stencil and then paint the words.

3. After your paint is dry spray your light switch with sealant (if you painted your words on instead of placing vinyl words on).

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