Introduction: Lump Charcoal Chimney

diy lump coal chimney out of garage spare parts

Step 1: Just Pick-up Old Ventilation Duck Y Leftover, Muffler U Bolts a Drill Extra Knuts and 45 Minutes of Your Weekend Time

drill two hole put the u bolt in put some washer pick up old piece of wood to make handle ply an old 2x3 aluminium stud as heat shield put it all in place and the handle is done

Step 2: Pick Up and Old Duck Reduction From 6" to 4" Take a Grinder and Make 6 Even Slice About 3-4 Inch Long and Ply the Cut Part in the Middle. Take the Duct Reduction and Use Is to Strap the Bottom Some Metal Scream and Bottom Is Done

Step 3: Drill Vent Holes in Some Place

Step 4: Put 2 Sheet Old Newspaper Put You Coal in and Use a Blow Torch in the Bottom Hole to Start the Fire. 8-10 Minute You Have Red Coal to Do Your Steak.

Step 5: Put a Fry Pan a Bottom of Gas BBQ, a Dollar Store Aluminium Pan an Pour Your Red Hot Coal in It With Your Cold Handle Do Not Touch Metal U Bolt Clamp!!!!