Introduction: M and M Easy Costume.

This costume is super easy and cool. No sewing required! It took me about three or four hours and looks amazing!

Step 1: Get Supplies.

You will need:

Two yards of yellow felt




Lots of stuffing

White fabric





Optional: Printout of M and M label.

Step 2: Cut a Yard of Yellow Fabric.

Step 3: Stuff and Staple

Once you have cut your yard of fabric, you should stuff the fabric and then staple it. To make sure that the circle shape holds, cut a circle piece of cardboard. For the stapling, try not to staple the fabric when it is too thick, and the staple can’t go through. If you want the fabric to hold, you should put a couple of staples in in one place.

Step 4: Make Back of M and M

Repeat the first two steps. The back could be a little less stuffed than the front but it really doesn’t matter that much.

Step 5: Make the M

To make the M in the in M and M you could either:

Print out the M and M logo, trace it and then cut it out.

You could trace it without the printout and then cut it out.
After you get the M traced, you need to glue it to the felt.

Step 6: Make the Straps

For the straps you have two options

You could have the straps sewn on.

You could staple them.

Step 7: Eat Candy and Enjoy!

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