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How would you like your own Magic Folder that will change one thing into another?

Here's how to make a folder that will give endless fun to amuse and amaze.


  • Boy to Girl
  • Salt to Pepper
  • Right to Wrong
  • Left to Right
  • $1 to $100
  • etc.....

Once made, it is easy to perform and can be used over and over.

You will need:

  • 4 pieces of card, roughly 11cm x 10 cm.
  • 1 piece of card roughly 8cm x 4cm.
  • 3 pieces of ribbon or tape roughly 14cm long x 1cm wide.
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Heavy book or similar
  • Old newspaper

For detailed instructional video, visit:

YouTube - Magic Money-Maker

Step 1: Mark Your Positions

This step is to give a guide as to (roughly) where the ribbons will be glued.

Take one of the four pieces of card, the ruler and the pencil.

On one of the longer sides of the card, place a pencil mark 1.5cm in from the side and 1.5cm down from the top.

Repeat this step, but this time, mark at the bottom of the card.

On the opposite longer side, place a mark half-way down the side, 1.5cm in from the edge.

Step 2: Glueing the Ribbons - Stage 1.

Note: Please place an old newspaper under the card before using glue.

(The photos do not show newspaper, but it's better that you do use it.)

Photo 1: With a spot of glue on each mark that you've made, stick the ribbons onto the card.

Photo 2: Place a heavy book or some weighty object on the card, and wait for the glue to dry.

Step 3: Glueing the Ribbons - Stage 2.

When dry -

Photo 1: Tuck the top and bottom ribbons under the card so the ends are visible either side of the middle ribbon.

Photo 2: Take a second card and slip it under the two ends.

Photo 3: Place a dab of glue under each of the three ends of ribbon and press the ends onto the glue.

Photo 4: Gently pull the two cards apart very slightly. (You need a tiny gap between the two cards so the folder will close properly.)

Photo 5: Once again apply a weighty object and wait for the glue to dry.

Step 4: Affixing the Tab.

When dry -

Photo 1: Turn the folder over so you can see the three ribbons stretched across the cards.

Photo 2: Take the small piece of card, fold it in half and hook it over the middle ribbon.

Photo 3: Glue the two ends of the small card together, so it will be secured onto the middle ribbon.

This tab that you just made can be easily replaced, each time you wish to perform.

Step 5: A Little House-Keeping

Now we need to neaten things up a bit.

Photo 1: Take a third card to place over the ribbon ends.

Photo 2: Apply glue to the whole of one side.

Photo 3: Place the glued side on top of one of the prepared cards and press down firmly.

Photo 4: Repeat this step with your fourth card, to cover the remaining ribbon ends.

Photo 5: Weigh it down and wait to dry.

Step 6: Prepare Your End Result

This step is to prepare the folder with the message you wish to reveal at the end of the trick.

Photo 1: With a pen or texta, write your final message on the tab we made at Step 4.

Photo 2: This message will be hidden when you close the folder.

Photo 3: Close the folder by pushing the right side towards the left.

Photo 4: Open the folder by pushing the top card again to the left.

Photo 5: The tab will now appear as empty.

You're ready to perform.

Step 7: Your Performance

Photo 1: Show the folder back and front.

Photo 2: With a pen or texta, mark the message that you want changed.

Photo 3: Show your audience what you've written.

Photo 4: Close the folder (right hand side towards the left).

Photo 5: Don't open the folder straight away. Wait a few seconds - say something to your audience. This way, they won't remember how you closed the folder.

Photo 6: Now open the folder (top card towards the left).

Photo 7: Show the audience that the message has changed to something different!

I hope this will provide hours of fun, making and performing your very own Magic Folder.

Produced for your enjoyment by CraftMagic2012

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