Introduction: MAKING THE Sugru HAIR

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This hack with Sugru is to make an ornament hair piece which can be worn by ladies. It highlights forming the future with Sugru


  1. Your hands ( very essential)
  2. Soldering iron
  3. Pliers
  4. Pair of scissors


  1. Sugru; blue, yellow red,..(other colours optional so you can pimp your style).
  2. Brown beads.
  3. Two (2) 1.5V batteries.
  4. 5 red water clear LEDs.
  5. 1k resistors.
  6. 20cm (8 inch) thin wire.
  7. 10cm (4 inch) of insulated aluminum wire. (You can cut it from an old metal hanger)
  8. Solder
  9. A 20cmx20cm piece of light green manila green manila

Step 1: Light the LED

  1. Solder the 5 LEDs in parallel; all negative terminals (ends) together, all positive terminals together.
  2. Bend out the soldered LED terminals with four LEDs facing outward in the north, south, east and west position and 1 LED in the middle.
  3. Mould a little sugru at the base of the LEDs so the opposite terminals don’t meet.
  4. Place the batteries in series; end to end; positive to negative, and solder a short piece of wire to join them,
  5. Solder the resistor to the LED setup
  6. Cut two pieces of the wire and solder to the LED terminals, one at each end.
  7. Solder one of the wires to one terminal of the batteries set- up.
  8. Solder another piece of wire to the other end of the batteries.
  9. Twine the free wire from the LED setup around the free wire from the battery set.
  10. Tada! The LEDs light up.
  11. Undo this connection.

Step 2: Forming With Sugru

Now it’s time to sugru!

  • Bend the aluminum wire to get a shape like this

Step 3:

Start with the batteries. Place the batteries at the upper end of the aluminum wire and thinly layer blue sugru till they are fully covered. Make sure all the wires are covered leaving a small portion of the free end exposed

Step 4:

  • Place the LED set up towards the right edge of the batteries the fill in with yellow sugru till only the tops of the LED are showing. Make sure all the wires are covered leaving a small portion of the free end exposed.

Step 5:

  • Mix equal amounts of blue and yellow sugru to get an even mixture. Yep. Blue and yellow does make green.
  • Cut out 7 piece of leaves from the green manila.
  • Layer one face of piece.
  • Cut and poke short pieces of wire under the green Sugru layer leaving a bit exposed.
  • Poke the exposed ends into the yellow sugru covering the LEDs. Arrange the leaves in a circular manner.
  • Put a bit of green Sugru at the base of each leave to hold it firm to the yellow Sugru.
  • Make flat round pieces of red sugru and two of yellow Sugru.
  • Place them on the side of the layered battery and place a small brown bead in each of the pieces.
  • Place a bout 5 brown beads in the yellow sugru covering the LEDs

Step 6: Finally, YOU’RE DONE!

  • Connect the exposed ends of wire to turn the LEDs off and on.

Step 7: Fashion Time!

Blink away and enjoy your new hair piece. J\ :-)

Wear and Flex with Sugru Hair!

Credit: Designers and Builder: Baaba Forster-Forson and Michael Afrifa-Asante

Fashion Model: Helen Amorin

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    Soo pretty! And very clever to use sugru and LEDs for fashion! I can't wait to see what else you've come up with! Thanks for sharing!