Introduction: Intelligent Arm -Digilent Contest

Brief Overview

Nowadays, we call intelligent more and more things that surround us, so we thought of creating an Intelligent Arm controlled by a magic glove or other smart device’s.

The Intelligent Arm will be useful to everyday life, will have a quite high precision and a force of 20Kg/cm2 , therefore it could be used to move objects from one place to another, to organise things and work with dangerous substances. Using the magic glove will help you controll the robot’s every move. The Intelligent Arm will behave as it was your third hand.

Other features of the Intelligent Arm:

- It will be controled by a pc user through an interface created for it

- It will be controlled from distance through the internet

- It could be controlled also by a smart phone through an application

- It could carry out a small assembly line even on your desk

- It could be programmed to do your homework

Implementation plans

The Intelligent Arm has 4 axes of freedom thanks to the parallel-mechanism, which was insipred by ABB PalletPack. MX4 will controll the robot’s movements on those 4 axes with the help of 5 servo motors, 3 servo motors will be at the base of the arm which will controll the rotation of its own axis and the movement on the axe X of the arm, and the 2 microServos will be implemented on the tip of the Intelligent Arm in order to be able to catch and spin objects. MX4 will be attached to an evacuation pump and a solenoid valve. These will help the Intelligent Arm to catch objects through a suction cup without scratching them. It will be wirless connected with the help of PmodRF2 mode with glove .

The glove will have as a data processing unit chipKIT CMOD and at this unit will be connected the following modules:

- A gyro sensor with she’s help we will control the robotic arm rotation and the robotic arm gripper

- An accelerometer to control the robotic arm movement on X-axis and Y

- PmodRF2 going to use it for sending all data to the robotic arm

- PmodOLED to able to see in which mode are the robotic arm for use we will have 3 mode.

- Touch sensor for gripper trigger for catch objects.

Glove have its own battery and will be very easy to use. We will try to do a cheaper project and good quality.