MDF Bathroom Cupboard

Introduction: MDF Bathroom Cupboard

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This is a Bathroom cupboard I made with some leftover MDF Offcuts. I needed something in the bathroom for storage for towels ect. It is made in two parts top and bottom for easy transportation.

I could not find the pics of the doors when I routed them, I will upload them when I do.

Once the build was finished it was well sanded and and undercoated then painted. At the time I did not have a table saw or circular saw so all I had was a handsaw and a jigsaw that's all I used for this build. I used a normal screwdriver for the assembly as I did not want any splits in the MDF as we all know MDF can be a bit of hit and miss. I used the european Type hinges on the doors ect and two used brass knobs for the handles..

Ps the Wife Painted it and there will be a sage colour going over it later on as the bathroom is still in the middle of decorating..

Step 1: Other Pics

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    7 years ago

    I know its because it was leftover materials you had, but MDF in a bathroom environment? Paint, many layers of paint; oil based if possible. I only use MDF for templates or jigs when I don't have anything else. I personally loathe the stuff, high humidity and it begins to degrade structurally, and if it gets wet don't bother salvaging; like a cookie soaking in milk for an hour.

    Good design overall. I like the doors, contemporary without looking dated. Great job.

    WoodCrafts 67
    WoodCrafts 67

    Reply 7 years ago

    Hi copperaxe

    I agree It's not my first choice for the bathroom but it's all I had at the time. It has had a good sealer on it and it will be sealed well when it's finished. I will make a new one when I get better materials ect. Like you I do loathe MDF but I have used it here and there on a few builds, Thank you for commenting Much Appreciated ...