MIG Torch and Compressed Gas

Introduction: MIG Torch and Compressed Gas

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Use reference charts to determine the voltage, speed and gas flow.

Step 1: MIG Torch

The MIG torch has 3 main parts, plus the wire.

  1. Torch body
    • The handle and trigger
  2. Contact tip
    • The tip attaches to the end of the torch.
    • If the contact tip is damaged, see Shop Staff for assistance.
  3. Gas nozzle
    • The replaceable nozzle slides or screws on the end of the torch. It helps to focus the shielding gas out the end of the torch.

Step 2: Compressed Gas Cylinder Handling

Gas cylinders are pressurized up to 4,500 PSI and can be deadly if not handled correctly. If working from Pier 9, only Shop Staff may move or change cylinders.

Shop users can only turn on the gas. Flow and pressure are pre-set by shop staff.

  • Never remove or unscrew the regulator.

If working from another studio use EXTREME caution while moving cylinders.

Step 3: Opening the Valve

  1. Stand to the side of the cylinder, on the opposite side of the regulator.
  2. Open the valve all the way, gently.
    • The cylinder pressure gauge will show the bottle pressure.
    • The working pressure gauge will show pressure at the torch
    • A flow meter will show the gas flow in cubic feet per hour.

Step 4: Setting the Gas Flow

Refer to charts on the machine to set the proper gas
pressure for your work.

  1. Turn on the welder.
  2. Turn the wire speed as low as it will go.
  3. Turn the voltage as low as it will go.
  4. Pull the trigger on the torch in order to start the gas flow.
    • Make sure that the wire that comes out of the torch doesn’t touch anything grounded, the gas cylinder or the welder.
  5. Release the trigger.
  6. Cut the wire so it sticks out 1/4" to 3/8" from the gas nozzle.

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