MINI BENCH Using Lolly Pop Sticks,",




Introduction: MINI BENCH Using Lolly Pop Sticks,",

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This instructable is very easy to make using lolly pop sticks

sorry for the picture quality

by accident i had the camera switched to the lowest pics

Step 1: Tools You Will Need

you will need a glue gun

super glue

10 lollypop sticks

wire cutters

san paper

Step 2: Super Glue

grab 4 sticks

and super glue the edges

then using a cutting mat or something similar

hold tightly together the glued edges onto the edge of your next stick

do this until you have 2 parts of 4 lollypop sticks

Step 3: Let It Bond Then

once the glue has I nice bond

take 1 part of 4 sticks previously glued

grab the glue gun

and on 1 part glue along the edge of the last stick

then get the other 4 glued sticks

and press quite firmly together

holding the part which will be the back rest at I slight angle

Step 4: Once Bonded

once bonded

cut 2 cm x4

and glue these to the bottom ensuring you place the legs evenly and the 2 legs for the back make sure to place the legs as far back as possible

Step 5: Finally

leave over night to make sure the glue has a good bond

then carefully sand paper any rough parts

then lastly

for the arm rests

2cm glue at the very edge

then 4cm from the horizontal 2cm glued part

glue the 4cm stick from the back rest to your horizontal part

repeat this on the other side

job done

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    5 years ago

    Nice one dad , add some more pics with it though ! ♥♥♥♥


    6 years ago

    I like the results--would make nice doll house furniture. Could use a few more pictures of the in between steps.


    Reply 6 years ago


    from now on i will add more pics

    thanks for the feedback

    best wishes