Introduction: M&M Magnets

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Hey, everyone! I was fooling around this weekend (got snowed in again) and I came up with these babies. I was also eating some M&M Sweet and Salty mix, so I think that's where my inspiration came from. ;) Let's get started, shall we?

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Okay, here are the items you need for this project:

Bottle caps

Paint brush

Nail polish in assorted colors

White card stock



"1" Circle punch (I got mine from Amazon)

Tacky glue

Mod Podge

Liquid White Out


Cereal box or other paperboard

Craft knife

Cardboard circles

Iridescent glitter

"m" template

Step 2: Paint Your Caps

Grab your bottle caps and paint them white. I usually do about 3, maybe 4 coats of paint. You just need enough layers so you can't see the logos on them. Make sure they're clean first. ;)

Step 3: Prepare the Insides

While your caps are drying, grab your "1" circle punch and punch some circles out. Take your knife and score the printed side lightly in a crosshatch pattern. This makes it easier to glue the circles together. They are there to elevate your bottle cap so it doesn't scratch up your refrigerator. I glue mine together in stacks of 3.

Step 4: Paint Caps

Grab your nail polish and go to town on your caps. Let them dry.

Step 5: Make Your "M"s!

Grab your cardstock, fold it in half, and trace around one of your cardboard circles. Draw an "M" inside it. Repeat this until you have enough "M"s for your magnets. Tracing around the circle before making the "M" ensures your "M" doesn't wind up being too big for your magnet. For this tutorial I cut a strip that's just a bit bigger than the circle instead of just cutting from a big piece. Cut the "M"s out and add glitter. I used liquid white out to cover up the pencil lines on my "M"s because they didn't erase properly. This isn't obvious here though.

Step 6: It's M&M Time!

Glue the "M"s on your caps and let them dry. Flip them over and glue the innards in and let that dry. Glue the magnets on, let dry, then enjoy them! :) I also recommend sealing them with clear nail polish to keep the glitter from coming off and getting everywhere. I'm sure my fellow crafters out there know how fun it is to clean up glitter. LOL