Introduction: Machete Handle From Plastic Scrap and Paracord:

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I wanted a longer, slimmer handle for my machete, and for the challenge, I thought I'd do it using only plastic scraps and paracord (also some used tape from the scrap bag).

Step 1: Get Rid of Old Handle.

I dremeled through the pins holding the current scales in place, then pried of the scales. The front pin would not come out, even with hammering on it, so I simply cut it close to flush and moved on.

Step 2: Twist Rudimentary Cordage for Initial Wrap.

Pliers and teeth work for this.

Step 3: Wrap.

Step 4: Cut Plastic Into Strips.

Step 5: Mummify and Secure With Tape.

Step 6: Gather More Plastic for a Palm Swell.

Affix via additional mummification and tape.

Step 7: Black Tape and Paracord.

Okay, so I cheated with the black tape, but I didn't like the white showing through between the loops of paracord.

To start my wrap, I secured the paracord with a barrel knot.

Step 8: Voila!

I tied a simple knot at the end of the wrap, and added an adjustable lanyard.