Introduction: Magclips - Magnetic Material Retention Clips for Laser Cutters

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Magclips material clips - great results using your laser cutter for wood and plastic.

Magnetic clips for holding material off the laser cutter surface allowing for cleaner cuts and less charing on finished pieces. Developed by Darkly Labs to be used with their Emblaser range of diode laser cutters, these clips can be made using some parts and some specialised 3D printed parts for only a few dollars.

The results will allow you to take your projects to the next level and can be used with any laser cutter that uses a metal base or support.

Step 1: What You Will Need to Make You Magclips

You will need:

  • M6 Large head connector screws - 6X16 Connector Bolt Flat Hd Skt Drv

  • 6x6mm rod magnets for body types

  • 4x5mm rod magnets for spike types M6 tap to suit

Step 2:

3D print the main parts for your Magclip set.

There are two different styles, standard Magclips and Spikes.

One full set are included in the STL attached.

Step 3: Tap the Main Body.

Using the M6 tap, tap and create a thread in the main body of the Mag clips
(Spikes do no need to be tapped)

Look for the side with a wider lip in the opening. This is the side you should tap from.

Do not try to tap the piece in one pass. Move-in a few mm, and the wind back allowing some plastic shards drop out of the bottom opening.

Continue till you have a thread through the length of the main body.

Step 4: Inserting the Magnet Into the Base

Using a metal base, place the magnet in the middle of the material and line up the Mag clip body.

Press down until on the main body until the magnet if flush with the base.

Magclips use 6mm rod magnets

Spikes use 4mm rod magnets

Step 5: Threading the Bolt Onto Your Magclips

Take your 6mm bolt and thread the bolt into the Magclip.

Wind the bolt in and out a few times to free it up so you can tighten the bolt with your fingers.

Step 6: Attaching Your Magclip to Your Material

You can use your Magclips on any ridged material (plastic, wood, etc).

Place your Magclip on the edge of your material, and tighten till the Magclip is snuggly secure on your material.

Remove the support from your Laser Cutter and place the material on the metal base.

If the material is not supported in the middle and sagges, place a Spike clip under the material to support it when cutting.

Step 7:

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