Magic Bottle 2 - Hide Water Inside a Bottle

Introduction: Magic Bottle 2 - Hide Water Inside a Bottle

pour water again and again ? sure why not, how about pour it to another bottle and hide it inside ? looks like combined magic!

double the fun and use both bottles together to further trick your audience

Step 1: Whats Is Hiding Water Bottle ?

Pour water into an empty 3D printed plastic bottle! , seeming to fill it, moments later, flip the bottle upside down ..... where did the water go ?

Step 2: Design

The concept is to extend the mouth of the bottle inside, creating a secondary wall that will contain the water once it is flipped up side down. I chose a conical shape to further narrow the bottle nozzle, it is up to you to alter this design, but the concept it clear.

Step 3: How Does It Work ?

Water is poured inside the bottle when it is in the up right position, filling the main chamber of the bottle

Step 4: How Does It Work 2 ?

when the bottle is in the upside down position, all the water flow into the space between the extension of the nozzle and the bottle body wall as indicated preventing the water from going out of the bottle from the main nozzle, making an illusion as if the water disappears !

Step 5: Playing With the Design

Remember these is a limit for how much water you can pour into the bottle, but again this depends on how much the nozzle is internally extended, you can do multiple fills and play with the show unlike the single shot I made in the video. It is also important to mention that I drilled a hole in the body of the bottle in the area where the water is hidden when it is flipped to be able to empty the water once the show is over - this hole is covered with my finger as I am holding the bottle in the show- also keep in mind that these are different ways of executing this project, use your imagination and share it with us, I am open for any ideas and discussion

Step 6: Come on Print It !

this is the G code for the design, please print it and show it to us, or better modify the design.

Enjoy :)

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