Introduction: Magic Glowing Goo


Did you know that you can make your own magic glowing goo using just two ingredients. Learn to make your own uv reactive fluorescent goo using only cornflour and tonic water. If you don't want your goo to glow you could always just use normal water.

When made, the substance is a solid when you move it but as soon as you keep it still it turns into a liquified ooze.

Let's get creative...

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Gather Materials

You only need two materials for this project:

Corn FlourTonic water if you want the goo to glow in UV light, normal water if you don't

Step 2: Making the Goo


Make the goo

Firstly, measure approximately 2 tablespoons of corn flour and 4 tablespoons of the water of your choice and put them in a jug or tub.

After that, use a spoon to mix the two together. It will be very tough to mix but a bit of strength is all it needs.

Try it out

Congratulations, you just made your own magic glowing goo. To test it out, try scooping it between you hands. When you move it around, it will be solid however as soon as you stop it will magically turn to liquid!

To see the goo glow, you will need to hold it near a UV blacklight. The quinine which is a flavouring in the tonic water is what makes it glow.

Step 3: The Results


So that's it, we've just made an awesome glowing magic mixture! Thanks to my friend over at WorkshopWizard who helped make this instructable. Head over to his page to see some amazing DIYs, hacks and science tricks.

Hope you had fun. See you in the next instructable.

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