Introduction: Magic Light Moving Unicopter (Affordable & Recycle)

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This simple (using a little extra time, escaping from Olympic Rio 2016) recycle product is shown for anyone who enjoys simple and fast toy for a family leisure tiem or with friends.

Step 1: Firstly, We Need a Recycle Mouse. or Any 'still Usable' Mouse.

This is just another 'glorious light' to arouse your friends or kids or family.

Step 2: Second Step, We Can Use an Old Power Bank Along With USB Connection.

This power bank is used for adding power of light to mouse. Twinkle! Twinkle!

Step 3: Twist Tie for Wrapping the Unicopter.

Or just a cell-o-tape.

Step 4: In Addition, We Need Some Kind of Light Plastic or Paper to Be Wrap With Mouse and 'unicopter'.

Anything for attaching all the parts or components in good condition as you please.

Step 5: Ready With Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Control.

It's just for switching on and off. In order to start the engine/ motor of unicopter/helicopter, we must avoid any close or posibble contact with human eye or skin. Safety first!

Step 6: Here We Go, the Motion of 'whatever You Want It to Be Called'.

Please enjoy the video/ demonstration.


Thanks from acherusctus.

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