Introduction: Magic Wand Wall Display

I have made a few wands on the lathe and I needed a place to display them so I figured I might as well make it nice and large enough to hold more when I make them

Step 1: Materials

• Some 3/4" or 1/2" plywood-how much depends on your design
• 3/16" plywood for back
• Pine trim (optional)-it's not structurally important but it makes it look cleaner
• 1x3 pine board-you could use this for the whole project but you need about 33 inches for my design
•2" finish nails
•1" finish nails
•Wood Glue
•Paint or Finish (optional)
•Picture hanging bracket

Step 2: Tools

•Chop saw or hand saw
•Table saw
•Chisels or dado blade
•Drill bits
•Nail set
•Bandsaw-can use hand saw

Step 3: Cutting Frame

First I ripped the 3/4" plywood down to 2 1/2"
I then cut the plywood into two 18" pieces and two 16" pieces

Step 4: Cutting Dados

I used a chisel to cut the 1/4" dados into the back edge of e plywood strips but you could also use a dado blade

Step 5: Measuring and Cutting the Back

Next I set up the pieces of the frame so measure for the back
In theory this should only add a 1/2" to the internal dimensions but my chisel work was a bit sloppy so I had to do some trimming

Cut the back out of the thin plywood using a table saw or if it's thin enough a utility knife

Step 6: Assembling the Frame

Next I glued and nailed the frame together
Keep in mind that the glue joint is way stronger than the nails so the nails are just there acting as a clamp
While you are nailing you will want to use clamps to keep everything lined up

Next glue and nail the back in the dados making sure that it is flush with the back of the frame

Step 7: Cutting Trim

If you aren't using trim you can skip this step

Cut the trim to fit how you want it
For me that meant that there was an overhang inside the box

****Don't attach the trim now unless you are trying to give yourself a headache

Step 8: Painting

Go ahead and paint or finish the box and trim how you see fit
For mint it was a gold-ish color with black trim

Step 9: Making the Wand Rack Pt 1

This part was a bit tricky and it took some experimenting to get it how I wanted

For the bottom part I ripped the 1x3 down to 2 1/4" then cut it into a 16 1/2" piece

From there draw a line down the length of the board 1 3/4" from one edge

Along this line measure 3/4" from each end of the board and make a mark

From that mark make another mark every inch until you reach the other 3/4" mark

On every mark use the drill and either a drill bit or a countersink to drill down 1/2"

Step 10: Making the Wand Rack Pt 2

For the top part of this rack you will be using another piece of 1"x2 1/4"x16 1/2" pine

Down the length of this board draw a line 7/8" from one side of the board

Repeat the same process where you measure 3/4" from each end of the board and make a mark and from that mark make another mark every inch until you reach the other 3/4" mark

Now using a 3/4" drill bit drill a hole on every mark

Now using a bandsaw or a hand saw cut along the line you drew this will cut the hole in half and now the top part of the wand rack is done

Go ahead and paint the two parts if you like

Step 11: Installing the Wand Rack in the Box

Wait until your paint is dry to do this part

Start by laying your box down and inserting the bottom portion of the wand rack
It rests directly on the bottom of the frame with the holes towards the front of the box

Go ahead and either glue/nail it into place or screw it in like I did

**Whatever you do be sure to pre drill the holes because it would be a shame to ruin the project this far into it

Then mark 11" up from the new bottom of the box and install the top portion in the same manner

Step 12: Install the Hanging Brackets and Trim

Next you will install the hanging brackets
First set them where you want them on the back and mark the location of the holes

Pre drill the holes to avoid splitting out

Now nail the bracket in place

For the trim you will want to flip it back over and lay the trim on the box and adjust it until it is where you want it

Now carefully nail it in place using 1" finish nails
If it makes you more comfortable you can pre drill these hole but be very careful to not mark up the paint

Go ahead and touch up any of the paint that you feel needs touched up

And voilà you have built your own magic want display case
Feel free to edit the design if you don't need to hang 16 wands or if you need to hang more

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