Introduction: Audiovox VBP3900 Repair/Teardown

The DVD player, ready for disassembly. Please excuse the very messy bench. :P

This DVD player, made 12 years ago, is the subject of my first 'ible. I have been having power jack troubles for some time, so I decided "why not fix it?"

Step 1: Crack Her Open!

There are four screws on the bottom, SOMEHOW not hidden by rubber feet. You will not, however, need four screwdrivers. Make sure to keep these screws!

Step 2: More Tearing Down

Lookit that! If you have a chance, plug it in and insert a CD. Cool, right? I'll link a video. Now we need to remove the board with all the cables coming out of it...

Step 3: Pull the Board Out

There it is, after pulling a whole lot of cables. Remove the lid switch too, pointed to in the picture.

Step 4: What's on the Board?

...Not a whole lot! The white arrow points to an L7808CV linear regulator, and at the very back of the board is what I believe to be a MOSFET.

Step 5: There's the Problem!

This power jack is broken in half! The second picture shows a broken solder joint.

Step 6: Replace the Jack

Shown above is the replacement jack. Check the footprint before you replace it!

Step 7: Put It Back Together

Make sure you connect all the ribbon cables correctly.

Step 8: You're Done!

Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your newly fixed DVD player!