Introduction: Magnet Motor Art

Welcome! In this instructable we will make a fine piece of rotating art using just a couple things.

  • An inexpensive flashlight
  • A neodymium magnet
  • a 12 inch piece of wire

Step 1: Make Coil

I used #22 gauge uncoated wire. The wire does not need to be entirely bare. Just as long as the points of contact are bare it will work.

Using the flashlight body wrap the wire around it repeatedly in a spiral shape.

Step 2: Add Magnet

Take your newly made coil and wrap just one end of the coil around the magnet about 2/3 the way around.

Step 3: Add Power and Complete Circuit

Take the battery holder out of the flashlight. Feed it through the coil and attach the magnet side to the negative end of the battery holder.

Stretch the coil up and bend the top of the coil so that it rest on the center of the positive terminal.

That's it! Let it spin and enjoy.

If you are having problems getting it to spin:

  • Make sure the batteries aren't dead
  • Make sure the coil isn't touching anything except the + terminal and the magnet
  • Make sure the coil isn't either too tight or too loose around the magnet
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